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FierceMedicalDevices names Acutus Medical® as one of its “Fierce 15” Medical Device Companies of 2016

Jan 23, 2017

CARLSBAD, CA — January 23, 2017 – Acutus Medical is a company committed to transforming the lives of millions of patients by providing electrophysiologists (EPs) a highly unique, dual platform portfolio of breakthrough products that image, diagnose and treat complex arrhythmias.

Today Acutus announced that it has been named by FierceMedicalDevices as one of 2016’s Fierce 15 med tech companies, designating it as one of the most promising private med tech companies in the industry.

Acutus Medical is pioneering a new class of ElectroFunctional™ procedures, that provide electrophysiologists a unique ability to establish and execute highly informed, patient-specific treatment strategies for complex cardiac arrhythmias.

The Acutus AcQMap® High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System, our diagnostic platform, is a technology that reveals the electrical conduction of the whole heart chamber in extraordinarily high resolution along with the functional structure of the heart. While previous contact voltage-based technologies have shown static, geometric representations of the heart, the AcQMap System simultaneously uses intra-chamber ultrasound and dipole density mapping to display highly accurate real-time physical mechanics and electrical activity, with the ability to remap in seconds to confirm successful substrate modification via ablation therapy. The AcQMap System received CE Mark in 2016 and will be undergoing FDA and Canadian review in 2017.

Additionally, the company is developing a significantly differentiated therapy platform designed to provide unprecedented functionality that will further advance and support an electrophysiologist’s ability to produce improved, durable patient-specific benefits.

Acutus has a laser focus on creating a new era in electrophysiology, one that significantly improves the treatment of complex cardiac arrhythmias by providing the EP community with advanced tools that have the potential to make the greatest impact on patient outcomes,” said Randy Werneth, President and Chief Executive Officer of Acutus. “Our team has made great progress in the last year by advancing our dual platform product development programs while successfully initiating the UNCOVER AFTM clinical trial in Europe. We believe these milestones position us well for continued momentum in 2017.

The Fierce 15 celebrates the spirit of being “fierce” – championing innovation and creativity, even in the face of intense competition. This is FierceMedicalDevices’ fifth annual Fierce 15 selection. A complete list of “Fierce 15” companies can be found online at http://www.fiercebiotech.com/special-report/fiercemedicaldevices-2016-fierce-15.

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About Acutus Medical
Acutus Medical is dedicated to partnering with the EP community to provide a full range of ElectroFunctional solutions from diagnosis through treatment. Acutus Medical is a privately held company located in Carlsbad, CA. To learn more, visit https://www.acutusmedical.com
The AcQMap High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System is not available for sale in the United States